The most important facts about The Witcher 3

Wandering in the Dark
Wandering in the Dark

Andzej Sapkowski has managed to create a unique world. Witcher nowels bring readers to new lands with plenty of magic, rare and ugly creatures, and eastern European mythology. By reading all those books and being a teenager the only thing you can desire is to become the main hero of all those stories. This was the desire of CD Project Red creators as well, and they negotiated with Sapkowski to bring all those stories into computer games. This was the beginning of one of the most popular RPG today, The Witcher series.

Now being in the top 10 RPG of all time The Witcher attracts new and new players, but they are afraid of the depth of the story and afraid of being not ready to enjoy the game, without digging into all of Sapkowski novels. In this article, we will try to indicate the main facts you need to know before starting playing, some recommendations about gameplay, mechanics, etc.


First of all, don’t be afraid of starting playing from the third part of the game. This is not the novel and the game is designed to educate new players about key characters, key plot turnovers, key mechanics. Long story short The Witcher 3 has next parts:

  • Among the most interesting quests are: The Beast of White Orchard, The Incident at White Orchard, Imperial Audience
  • Act 1. Among the most interesting quests are: Wandering in the Dark, The Whispering Hillock, Nameless
  • Act 2. Among the most interesting quests are: To Bait a Forktail, The Isle of Mists, Blood on the Battlefield
  • Act 3. Among the most interesting quests are Final Preparations, On Thing Ice, Something Ends, Something Begins


Difficulty in The Witcher 3 has a huge impact on the impression of players. The first two difficulties are too simple to feel the atmosphere of the game. But the third difficulty is the perfect choice for most players. Here you are motivated to prepare for difficult battles, collecting resources for the manufacture of oils, and a test for a reaction, and an achievement

The first location

Geralt’s first stop will be a small village, where the witcher came in search of “a girl smelling of lilacs and gooseberries.” In addition to the main task, there are several side missions, some of the most interesting in the game. If there is at least some desire to fulfill them, do it right away, and only then move further along the plot. After all, it will no longer be possible to return to this location, and the rush in The Witcher 3 is completely inappropriate.


The game world has a rich history and mythology. If you have not read the Sapkowski cycle in the universe, then at least do not ignore the books, notes, and letters, generously scattered in every building, and sometimes even on the street. Reading each of them will not take too long, but it will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game even more – and it is worth a lot. In other words, again – take your time. “The Witcher 3” completes the story of Geralt and does it on a striking scale.

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