The instalment of monitor drivers

Acer monitor drivers
Acer monitor drivers

Proper adjustment of the computer video system is needed to maximize the productivity of the video chip. In addition to ensuring operational safety and increasing productivity, it is also needed for video games and graphic tasks. All these could be done by installing monitor drivers.

What are monitor drivers?

The monitor driver is simply an information file that records the limits of the monitor. When installing the driver, these parameters are transferred to the Windows registry, and from there they are moved to the video card driver. Our goal is simple: to notify the video card driver of what the monitor is capable of. This is necessary for the adjustment of the video card, wherein in the case of installed drivers, it will be impossible to set such high requirements, which would possibly spoil the monitor.

How to install a monitor driver?

In this article, we will be describing the installation process for Windows. To start the installment, you need to have drivers downloaded on the computer. Each brand has its own drivers so it’s important to use official sources, whether it’s Acer monitor drivers or Nvidia monitor drivers. Then the process of an installment is next:

  1. Open start, go to Control Panel and find Display Properties (it is located in sub-categories Hardware and Sound, Display)
  2. Click the button Change Display Settings
  3. Click Advanced settings
  4. Click Monitor
  5. Click Properties
  6. Click Driver
  7. Click Update the Driver and they choose to Browse the Computer to Find the Driver Program
  8. Choose Pick from the list of device driver program on the computer
  9. Choose the Hard Disk where the driver is supposed to store
  10. Clicka Instal and than OK

After all provided steps it is needed to turn off the computer and restart the operational system. After making all mentioned above drivers are supposed to be installed. You can check it out in the Monitor tab from the list provided above. If the installation went successfully the model and the type of the monitor will be indicated in the tab.

What to do if the installation has not been completed?

If something went wrong and there is no proper info displayed in front of the Monitor tab you can also use the internet to resolve the problem. The problem might be in the version of the driver or in the version of the operating system. In this case, you can go to the producer’s website and search for the “support” page. Usually, all information regarding the possible problems, a different version of drivers is located there.

If the product was produced a long time ago and its producer has long been closed, then you can refer to the nationwide collections of drivers on WWW sites or to Web forums where users exchange their problems.

And the most difficult case is when the monitor can not be detected by the system and there is nothing to choose from in the Monitor tab. In this case, the only thing left is to choose the resolution according to the size of the monitor.

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